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Fort Fairfield Farmer's Market Opens for Business!
Market Day is Wednesday on Main St. from 2-6pm

After months of effort, a weekly farmer’s market is now being held on Main Street every Wednesday from 2 to 6pm.  The market is a meeting place for residents and farmers allowing townspeople and visitors alike to buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and homemade goods like jams, relishes, pickles and more.

“The local food movement has been sweeping across our country and our state for some time now, and where better to establish a strong connection between our farmers and folks’ tables than right here in the agricultural capital of Maine, Aroostook County,” stated Tim Goff, Executive Director of the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.  “We have an abundance of farmers growing high quality products throughout our community and beyond, plus many backyard growers who produce more than they could ever consume in their own garden.  We believe by establishing this weekly market downtown, we will provide a wonderful opportunity for our local food producers to sell their products, and for customers to get the freshest, high-quality items available.”

A grassroots coalition of farmers, residents and business leaders has come together to develop the market in the heart of downtown.  The decision to hold it mid-week was made so as not to compete with established markets in nearby communities and to provide growers with another option to sell their products at the peak of freshness.  The group is still seeking input from interested farmers and growers, with a goal of finding as many local producers committed to participating in the market as possible in order to help make the market diverse and sustainable.

“As gardeners and growers ourselves, we know now is the time of year many people are flipping through seed catalogues and planning for spring,” stated organizer Lori Risner, ”so we are hoping to plant a seed with folks to gauge their interest and support for a farmer’s market here in town.”

 The Fort Fairfield Farmer’s Market will be held on Wednesdays from 2pm to 6pm adjacent to Katahdin Trust Bank on Main Street through early October.  Anyone interested in learning more or becoming involved is encouraged to contact Co-Market Managers Deena Albert Parks 615-4144 or Kate Schupbach 472-6009 or by emailing ftfairfieldfm@gmail.com