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The next Town Council Meeting
is going to be held on Nov. 20 at 6:00pm!

Maine State Outdoors LawsNEW:  The Town Office will no longer receive paper copies of Regulations books for Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiles, and ATV's.  The link below will direct you to the website where you can dowload your own digital copies.  

Laws of the Maine Outdoors
Fort Fairfield Celebrations of Lights

Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council Encourages Enlightenment in Community During Celebration of Lights!

(Fort Fairfield) – The Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council is seeking to spark some excitement in the community for the Holidays with an electrifying new project – the Fort Fairfield Celebration of Lights!  This new, community-wide initiative is designed to bring more light to some of the darkest days of the year by encouraging businesses and homeowners to create a more festive atmosphere in town by decorating their storefronts and homes.

“We’ve been meeting with business and community leaders for months now to refine our plans to bring more buzz to Main Street,” explained Phil Christensen, President of the Quality of Place Council.  “We’ve been drawing up plans to illuminate some areas downtown and working with business owners to help incentivize them to join in the fun.  The response has been terrific, and despite some challenges with this early winter weather, we are excited to put the next phase of the plan into action.”

Over the past few weeks, the Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council has allocated several thousand dollars to replace some of the decorations that were destroyed when the Community Bandstand collapsed and to invest in additional lights to be used on a variety of downtown businesses and landmarks.  Those lights will be on nightly for all to enjoy from December 2nd until January 2nd from 4 to 10pm.  Now, the Council is encouraging property owners to join in the fun.

Any address is Fort Fairfield is eligible to participate in the Celebration of Lights Home Decorating Competition.  A top-secret panel of judges will be traveling throughout the community from 5 to 10pm on Saturday December 15th to take in the sights (and hopefully some sounds!) of participating homes to select the top three holiday light displays.  Those homeowners will win valuable gift cards and prizes from a variety of local businesses.  To register, all homeowners have to do is email ffqualityplace@yahoo.com with their name, address and phone number by midnight December 14th.  Not computer savvy?  Feel free and contact Tim Goff at 939-2440 and provide that same info and you'll be entered to win.  

“This is a great chance for the young, and the young at heart, to enjoy a tradition that many members of the Council fondly recall – driving through neighborhoods and oohing and aahing at the dazzling lights glistening on a blanket of fresh fallen snow,” added Christensen.  “It is our hope that by encouraging our residents to create some beautiful displays, we can create new traditions for everyone to enjoy.”

For more information on the program, or to get involved, please contact Phil Christensen at 227-1644 or email ffqualityplace@yahoo.com

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Specialty Foods Sample Space to add new flavor to 37th Annual Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair!

Plans are taking shape for the 37th annual Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair sponsored by the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.  The Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair is the largest trade fair north of Bangor and is held at The Forum in Presque Isle.  Save the dates - as the Trade Fair returns on March 25th & 26th in 2017!  

New this year will be an opportunity to sample some of the fantastic local foods and products being produced in Aroostook County and across the Pine Tree State in the Specialty Foods Sample Space!  


Each year the fair features more than 60 exhibitors providing a wide spectrum of agricultural and business-related displays. Being the fair’s 37th anniversary, plans call for more spectacular displays and many special activities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in this special activity bringing together our agricultural and business communities.

Download the Instruction Form by Clicking Here

Download the Registration Form by Clicking Here

Small Farm and Producer Sample Space Registration Form

This year's exhibition Dates and Times are:

Saturday, March 25th, 9am-6pm

Sunday, March 26th, 9am-3pm

Here's more information about the Specialty Food Sample Space which will be offered at the Trade Fair this spring!:

Calling All Makers: Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair to Add Local Flavor   

Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Partners with Cary Medical Center, Healthy You and the Maine Potato Board to Bring Local Foods to Forefront

 For 36 years, The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce has hosted the Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair, an annual opportunity for growers and gardeners, farmers and foresters, and everyone in between to see the latest and greatest tools and technology for the farm, field, and forest assembled under one roof.  But much like agriculture and forestry have changed over the past three decades, so too must the Trade Fair change.

“We are excited to announce that on March 25th & 26th the Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair will add a Specialty Foods and Sample Space,” announced Tim Goff, Executive Director of the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.  “There will still be plenty of exhibitors featuring a wide variety of agriculture-related products and information.  There will also be an opportunity to catch up with friends after the long winter, to take a class or catch a presentation, and to check out the newest innovations in the fields of farming and agriculture, but new this year there will also be an opportunity to sample some of the fine specialty foods and beverages being crafted with locally grown and sourced products from throughout Aroostook County and the Pine Tree State!”  

The Specialty Foods and Sample Space at the Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair will feature samples for attendees to taste, as well as the opportunity to interact with the growers and producers and purchase their products - allowing attendees to gain more knowledge about the people who are working to make Maine renowned for its quality agricultural products.  We anticipate approximately two dozen vendors offering samples of locally sourced products using a wide variety of all natural, sustainable and organic ingredients – from soaps to syrup, ployes to potatoes – providing a true taste of the County! 

The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Cary Medical Center and Healthy You to bring this new, exciting and flavorful feature to the Trade Fair.  By working together, our organizations have reduced the cost for smaller producers to attend.  Initially, the event will feature twenty-four specialty food booths reserved for producers looking to showcase their products.  Thanks to a generous contribution from the Maine Potato Board, the price for those featured farms and producers to participate will be just $100!  These vendors will be required to provide product samples in exchange for the reduced vendor fee.  Specialty food vendors are strongly encouraged to have product on-hand to sell directly to consumers.  In addition, there are some scholarship funds available to assist small producers to further reduce the vendor fee.  Interested vendors are encouraged to contact the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce today as the number of scholarships is limited.

“We are very pleased to have the Maine Potato Board sponsor the specialty foods section of the Maine Farm Festival at the Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair,” stated Bill Flagg, Director of Community Relations for Cary Medical Center.  “A key component of a healthy lifestyle is watching what you eat, and when you know where your food is coming from and have established a relationship with the grower, you can get fresher foods grown close to home.  This not only has benefits for your health, but for the local economy as well.  That is why we strongly encourage specialty food producers from throughout the County to join us as we bring thousands of people together to celebrate local agriculture and learn more about the many ways agriculture impacts our lives.”

As part of the specialty foods offerings, the Maine Potato Board will be providing Caribou Russets for the folks at Cary Medical Center and Healthy You to stuff and give away to attendees of the Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair.  The Caribou Russet is a new potato variety that was developed through years of research to grow in Aroostook County’s special blend of fertile soil and climate conditions.  The Caribou Russet combines numerous positive characteristics found in Maine Potatoes, and is equally tasty baked, mashed or processed into chips and fries.

“We’ve seen the popularity of events which bring foodies and producers together to celebrate locally grown food, and we believe folks in northern Maine are interested in learning more about what is being grown right here in their own backyard,” explained Goff.  “In many cases, these producers are the farmers themselves, looking to add value to the crops they grow, so adding them to the roster of vendors at the Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair not only makes sense, but we hope will generate sales and connections for these small business owners that will strengthen the market for locally sourced products and expand their customer base while connecting them to other folks who are helping support agricultural operations in Maine.”

While the 37th Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair will experience a monumental change in 2017, the goal remains the same - to continue to bring people together for an exchange of ideas, to create community by hosting a spring fever-reliever like no other, and to promote all aspects of agriculture.  This year, the Trade Fair will feature more instore with an added taste of the flavor or Maine.  

For more information on becoming an exhibitor or about the 37th Annual Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair, please contact Tim Goff at 207-472-3802 or email tgoff@fortfairfield.org.  

See you at the Trade Fair!

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