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The next Town Council Meeting
is going to be held on Nov. 20 at 6:00pm!

Maine State Outdoors LawsNEW:  The Town Office will no longer receive paper copies of Regulations books for Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiles, and ATV's.  The link below will direct you to the website where you can dowload your own digital copies.  

Laws of the Maine Outdoors
Fort Fairfield Celebrations of Lights

Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council Encourages Enlightenment in Community During Celebration of Lights!

(Fort Fairfield) – The Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council is seeking to spark some excitement in the community for the Holidays with an electrifying new project – the Fort Fairfield Celebration of Lights!  This new, community-wide initiative is designed to bring more light to some of the darkest days of the year by encouraging businesses and homeowners to create a more festive atmosphere in town by decorating their storefronts and homes.

“We’ve been meeting with business and community leaders for months now to refine our plans to bring more buzz to Main Street,” explained Phil Christensen, President of the Quality of Place Council.  “We’ve been drawing up plans to illuminate some areas downtown and working with business owners to help incentivize them to join in the fun.  The response has been terrific, and despite some challenges with this early winter weather, we are excited to put the next phase of the plan into action.”

Over the past few weeks, the Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council has allocated several thousand dollars to replace some of the decorations that were destroyed when the Community Bandstand collapsed and to invest in additional lights to be used on a variety of downtown businesses and landmarks.  Those lights will be on nightly for all to enjoy from December 2nd until January 2nd from 4 to 10pm.  Now, the Council is encouraging property owners to join in the fun.

Any address is Fort Fairfield is eligible to participate in the Celebration of Lights Home Decorating Competition.  A top-secret panel of judges will be traveling throughout the community from 5 to 10pm on Saturday December 15th to take in the sights (and hopefully some sounds!) of participating homes to select the top three holiday light displays.  Those homeowners will win valuable gift cards and prizes from a variety of local businesses.  To register, all homeowners have to do is email ffqualityplace@yahoo.com with their name, address and phone number by midnight December 14th.  Not computer savvy?  Feel free and contact Tim Goff at 939-2440 and provide that same info and you'll be entered to win.  

“This is a great chance for the young, and the young at heart, to enjoy a tradition that many members of the Council fondly recall – driving through neighborhoods and oohing and aahing at the dazzling lights glistening on a blanket of fresh fallen snow,” added Christensen.  “It is our hope that by encouraging our residents to create some beautiful displays, we can create new traditions for everyone to enjoy.”

For more information on the program, or to get involved, please contact Phil Christensen at 227-1644 or email ffqualityplace@yahoo.com

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The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce has partnered together with the Frontier Heritage Historical Society on a special t-shirt project to raise funds for both organizations.  The money raised from the sale of the shirts will be split evenly by the two groups, with the Chamber using funds to support local businesses and improve the economic climate of Fort Fairfield and the Historical Society using the funds they generate to help replace the roof on the blockhouse downtown.

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U.S. Small Business Administration
Since its founding on July 30, 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.

U.S Department of Labor
The goal of the U.S. Department of Labor is to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.

Maine Department of Labor
The Maine Department of Labor promotes the safety and economic well being of all individuals and businesses in Maine by promoting independence and life long learning, by fostering economic stability and by ensuring the safe and fair treatment of all people on the job.

Maine Department of Community and Economic Development (DECD)
The Maine DECD and its partners show companies how to benefit from millions of dollars in tax credits, reimbursements, R & D credits, capital loans, even direct investment. Every year, we help Maine communities attract jobs and grow their infrastructure with unique financing programs.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
The IRS is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury and one of the world's most efficient tax administrators. In fiscal year 2012, the IRS collected more than $2.5 trillion in revenue and processed more than 237 million tax returns.

Better Business Bureau
For over 100 years, BBB has helped people make smarter decisions and is evolving to meet fast changing marketplace needs.

Maine Career Center (Presque Isle)
The Presque Isle CareerCenter is part of the statewide CareerCenter network that provides a variety of employment and training services at no charge for Maine workers and businesses.

Efficiency Maine
Efficiency Maine is a statewide effort to promote the more efficient use of electricity, help Maine residents and businesses reduce energy costs, and improve Maine's environment. Efficiency Maine is funded by electricity consumers and administered by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Northern Maine Development Commission
The Northern Maine Development Commission (NMDC) is a membership organization comprised of participating communities and counties in the Aroostook Washington Economic Development District. NMDC provides federal and state services at the regional and local levels. 

U.S. Department of Commerce
The Commerce Department's mission is to help make American businesses more innovative at home and more competitive abroad.

Retail Association of Maine
The Retail Association of Maine represents the retail merchant industry before elected officials for policy and voting decisions. We are on the front lines of issues that directly affect your bottom line: wage and hour issues, swipe fees, gift cards, worker's compensation costs, employee benefits, health care costs, taxes and more.

Maine.Gov Business Portal
Answers to questions about starting or growing your business in Maine.

Maine Centers for Women, Work & Community
Women, Work & Community is the only statewide organization offering skills development and support in the areas of career planning, entrepreneurship and financial management. For Mainers in both life and career transitions, it provides an empowering environment for participants to define and achieve their goals.


The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, Maine corporation, organized to further economic growth by supporting and promoting existing businesses and working to improve the social and econmic climate of our community by encouraging and facilitating economic development.

Looking for more information? Contact Executive Director, Tim Goff at (207)472-3802 or email tgoff@fortfairfield.org

Specialty Foods Sample Space to add new flavor to 37th Annual Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair!

Plans are taking shape for the 37th annual Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair sponsored by the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.  The Northern Maine Agri-Business Trade Fair is the largest trade fair north of Bangor and is held at The Forum in Presque Isle.  Save the dates - as the Trade Fair returns on March 25th & 26th in 2017!  

New this year will be an opportunity to sample some of the fantastic local foods and products being produced in Aroostook County and across the Pine Tree State in the Specialty Foods Sample Space!  

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Thank you for considering membership in the  Fort Fairfield, Maine Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is a worldwide-connected, community-based network dedicated to business growth, economic development, and enhanced community quality of life. For the year 2015, membership is FREE for any business owner, resident or employee of a business in Fort Fairfield. 

There are no fees this year, or forms to fill out - so come join your friends and neighbors and play an active role in the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce today!

If you are considering joining as a corporate or organizational member, there are many benefits offered by the Chamber that can help enhance your business' productivity and visibility.

If you are considering an individual membership, there are many community-based civic, social, and cultural programs and events for you to become involved.

Additionally, membership demonstrates a commitment to our community’s economic future as well as a “let’s work together” spirit towards improving our quality of place.

There are no fees this year, or forms to fill out - so come join your friends and neighbors and play an active role in the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce today!

Thank You for your consideration and support.  We look forward to working with you to build a better, brighter future for our community.

For more information, contact the Executive Director, Tim Goff at 207-472-3802 or email tgoff@fortfairfield.org

For More Information call 472-3802 or email us. 

Membership in the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is FREE in 2015! Active membership helps your business grow while making positive impacts on our community. As a chamber member you are involved in growing the community and are kept abreast of current events and legislation that effects both your business and the community. 


Membership in the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is FREE in 2016! Active membership helps your business grow while making positive impacts on our community. As a chamber member you are involved in growing the community and are kept abreast of current events and legislation that effects both your business and the community. 

Want more information? Contact Executive Director, Tim Goff at (207)472-3802 or email tgoff@fortfairfield.org

The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to business, while caring for community. As a Chamber member you are at the forefront in community economic development and can provide input, through you Chamber membership, to help shape our community's "personality". A united effort is required to make the entire community prosper.


Business Benefits When We All Work Together!

Why Join the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce?

Here are 15 Good Reasons to Take Part in 2015!

1.     It’s FREE!  Membership in the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is free for any business owner or resident of Fort Fairfield for the 2015 calendar year.

2.     Grow Your Business.  Research shows that consumers are more likely to conduct business with a company that is a member of a Chamber of Commerce.*

3.     Stay Informed.  The Chamber works to stay on top of changing trends and important issues that impact businesses, providing you with valuable information that can save you time and money.

4.     Add Credibility.  You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you're identified as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

5.     Increase Your Visibility.  As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you are listed in the Chamber Business Directory and have the opportunity to be highlighted in other chamber publications. You can also grow your business by advertising with the Chamber sponsoring events.

6.     Acquire Customer Referrals.  Every day your local Chamber receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for information, and typically recommends other Chamber members.

7.     Create Networking Opportunities.  Chambers have numerous committees - serving on one provides numerous networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development.

8.     Gain a Voice in Government.  The local Chamber takes on issues affecting businesses and generally opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessments and costs directed at small businesses. It also helps protect the principles of free enterprise and aids your business in being treated fairly.

9.     Make Business Contacts.  The Chamber’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. The Chamber initiates more business-to-business commerce and opportunities for networking by connecting local professionals.

10.            Chamber Events and Programs.  Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. Chamber events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors and generate new business leads.

11.            Promotion and Publicity.  More exposure means more business. With a Chamber membership you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity. The Chamber will also promote your grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony and assist with public relations efforts.

12.            Access to Members Only Discounts and Services.  While this isdifferent from Chamber to Chamber, efforts are underway to make your membership benefits more valuable.  One example is the community coupon book that has been developed by the Chambers in Central Aroostook.  For a minimal cost, businesses were invited to provide discounts and coupons for customers. The coupon books help raise funds to support the work of the Chamber while providing valuable advertising and enticements to help attract new customers.

13.            Professional Development.  The Chamber hosts numerous events throughout the year designed to help your business be successful. In 2015, we will be hosting speakers and workshops, starting with a seminar designed to help your business use social media to attract new customers and engage your customer base. Have a topic you’d like explored? Please contact the Chamber and we’ll see what we can do for you!

14.            Invest in a Healthy Local Economy and Build a Better Workforce.  Investing in the Chamber helps Aroostook County promote quality growth that adds new businesses and customers for your business.  The Chamber actively works with local schools, colleges and universities to provide local business owners with skilled, qualified employees.

15.            The Only Thing Missing is YOU!  The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is not a one-stop solution.You may not see immediate results from simply joining your local Chamber, which is normal, but the long-term benefits of being an active member, of working together with other business owners in our community, of engaging in training and educational opportunities, and of partnering with other business and community leader can and will make a difference, for you, your business and for our hometown. Please consider playing an active role in your local Chamber of Commerce today!

*(According to a research study by the Schapiro Group Inc. and Market Street Services, when consumers know that a small business is a member of their local Chamber of Commerce, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.)

Please contact the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director Tim Goff at (207)472-3802 or email him at tgoff@fortfairfield.org for more information.


The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving business while caring for the community. While we attempt to provide a broad based information resource that is useful to businesses, the community, and individuals we know that it is impossible to cover every topic of interest.

When you find that we do not cover a particular topic of interest, please contact us at:

Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce
18 Community Center Drive
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742

Telephone: 207-472-3802
FAX: 207-472-3810

E-mail: ffcc@fortfairfield.org

The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors establishes procedure and formulates organizational policy. The policies are reviewed annually and revised as necessary. The following Board of Directors is effective as of January 1, 2016.

  • Tim Goff, Executive Director 
  • Yancy LaPointe, President
  • Kim Jones, Vice President
  • Carolyn Dorsey, Treasurer
  • Mike Woodman
  • Tammy Deschane

Non-voting members:

  • Tony Levesque - Town Representative
  • Jason Barnes - Town Council Appointee 
  • Scott Smith - Town Council Alternate 



Information provided on the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, hereafter referred to as the Chamber, website is provided, as is, and no accuracy/timeliness warrantees/guarantees are expressed or implied by the Chamber. Additionally, information provided by third parties is provided, as is, and no accuracy/timeliness warrantees/guarantees are expressed or implied by the Chamber. The Chamber website may, from time-to-time, provide "links" to third-party websites, advertising, and content. Using these "links" constitutes leaving the Chamber website, and the Chamber does not endorse any products, advertising, or materials available on these third-party websites. Trademarks, service marks, logos, and patents are the property of their respective owners. The Chamber reserves the right to change any/all information provided on the Chamber website at its sole discretion and without notice.


 Our Commitment To Privacy:

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices.

 Information We Collect:

This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, hereafter referred to as the Chamber, website. The types of information collected on these pages are: Name, Address, Email address, Phone number, FAX Number, and the like.

 The Way We Use This Information:

We use collected information only to process your Chamber Membership Application/post in the Chamber website online Members Directory. We do not otherwise share this information with outside parties.

We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties.

 Finally, we never use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways unrelated to the ones described above without also providing you an opportunity to opt-out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.

 How You Can Access Or Correct Your Information:

You can access all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain by contacting the Chamber. We use this procedure to better safeguard your information.

You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by sending us a request that credibly shows error.

To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

 How To Contact Us:

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please see the Contact Us information displayed on the Chamber website.


Fort Fairfield, Maine located in central Aroostook County, a.k.a. The County, offers many interesting and varied activities and sites for a day trip, weekend, or vacation. The following are some examples of the events/activities/sites available for your enjoyment in "Friendly Fort Fairfield". For additional information follow the Town of Fort Fairfield, Maine on Facebook




County Bluegrass


Maine Potato Blossom FestivalTM



Aroostook Valley County Club

 #14 - The Punch Bowl (530 yard - Par 5)

A beautiful hole to look at, easy 5, but a

very difficult second shot if looking for a

birdie. Both water short and out of bounds

left threaten. Typical risk reward hole.

Many would argue this to be AVCC's

signature hole.



International Appalachian Trail

Following the spine of the

Appalachian Mountains from

Mount Katahdin in Maine to

Crow Head in Newfoundland/Labrador,

 passing through Fort Fairfield,

the IAT/SIA is a 1900 mile journey

and is a showcase of breathtaking

mountain scenery, pastoral

countryside, and rugged coastline.


Boondocks Grille

Canterbury Royale Gourmet Dining Room


R & J Market
(and Dairy Bar)




Blockhouse Museum

McIntosh One-Room School House

Railroad Museum

Friends Church

Amish Community

Fort Fairfield Farmer's Market
(May - Oct)




Horseback Riding

Cross Country Skiing/Snowshoeing
Moutain Biking

Downhill Skiing




Health Care

Katahdin Trust Company

The County Federal Credit Union

                                    CYR 0436awtmk

Our Amish community, which extends into the neighboring community of Easton and across the border into New Brunswick, offers an opportunity to explore their old-world lifestyle. Visitors can capture a glimpse into their industrious world and shop for many handmade crafts, quality furniture and homemade baked goods, preserves and more!  Have something bigger in mind?  These master craftsmen can design and build a custom barn or building just for you. In addition, members of our Amish community plant bountiful gardens and sell a wide variety of locally grown, organic vegetables which are available at roadside stands throughout the area.  

The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce has partnered with members of our local Amish community to publish a map to help guide you to many of the Amish households and businesses in the area.  We ask that you please be respectful of the privacy of our Amish neighbors and mindful of their desire not to have pictures taken without seeking permission.



The Maine State Chamber Purchasing Alliance, Inc. program, “CHAMBER BLUEOPTIONS,” is designed to serve small businesses with 2-50 employees as well as self-employed people, with exclusive healthcare coverage opportunities.

This program is only available to you if you are currently a member of a Chamber of Commerce in Maine.

The plan offers a number of health plan options and wellness programs discounts.

For additonal information click on this link to the Maine Chamber Blueoptions program.


The Center for Workforce Research and Information (CWRI)(CWRI) (formerly Labor Market Information Services), a division of the Maine Department of Labor, develops and disseminates state and area labor market information to employers, job seekers, and other users; provides measurements of labor market outcomes to assist local and state officials, employers, educators, trainers, and the public in making decisions that promote economic opportunity and efficient use of state labor resources; and supports the Department with management and actuarial analyses for program planning and delivery.

Please visit the CWRI website for more information.


The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the business community and has a responsibility to provide information that enhances the existing business environment and supports economic development. To facilitate this goal, the Chamber provides up-to-date information and links to third party websites to improve communication and provide our members with the knowledge they need to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.

We encourage you to use the following links to find valuable information and resources to keep you in the know about the latest trends, issues and topics that impact your business and our community.

Business/Commerce Links

Chamber Memberships/Affiliations

Center for Workforce Reasearch and Information (CWRI)

Maine State Legislature

Visiting Canada

US Customs and Border Protection

Fort Fairfield Border Crossing Station

Canada Border Services Agency

Perth-Andover Border Crossing Station

The Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce maintains the following memberships:

The Chamber also maintains an affiliation with:

For information concerning Chamber memberships/affiliations, please contact us.


37th Annual Northern Maine

Agri-Business Trade Fair

March 28, -- 9am to 6pm

March 29, -- 9am to 3pm

Exhibit Space Available

Call 472-3802 to reserve

or CLICK HERE for more


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