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The next Town Council Meeting
is going to be held on Nov. 20 at 6:00pm!

Maine State Outdoors LawsNEW:  The Town Office will no longer receive paper copies of Regulations books for Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiles, and ATV's.  The link below will direct you to the website where you can dowload your own digital copies.  

Laws of the Maine Outdoors
Fort Fairfield Celebrations of Lights

Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council Encourages Enlightenment in Community During Celebration of Lights!

(Fort Fairfield) – The Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council is seeking to spark some excitement in the community for the Holidays with an electrifying new project – the Fort Fairfield Celebration of Lights!  This new, community-wide initiative is designed to bring more light to some of the darkest days of the year by encouraging businesses and homeowners to create a more festive atmosphere in town by decorating their storefronts and homes.

“We’ve been meeting with business and community leaders for months now to refine our plans to bring more buzz to Main Street,” explained Phil Christensen, President of the Quality of Place Council.  “We’ve been drawing up plans to illuminate some areas downtown and working with business owners to help incentivize them to join in the fun.  The response has been terrific, and despite some challenges with this early winter weather, we are excited to put the next phase of the plan into action.”

Over the past few weeks, the Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council has allocated several thousand dollars to replace some of the decorations that were destroyed when the Community Bandstand collapsed and to invest in additional lights to be used on a variety of downtown businesses and landmarks.  Those lights will be on nightly for all to enjoy from December 2nd until January 2nd from 4 to 10pm.  Now, the Council is encouraging property owners to join in the fun.

Any address is Fort Fairfield is eligible to participate in the Celebration of Lights Home Decorating Competition.  A top-secret panel of judges will be traveling throughout the community from 5 to 10pm on Saturday December 15th to take in the sights (and hopefully some sounds!) of participating homes to select the top three holiday light displays.  Those homeowners will win valuable gift cards and prizes from a variety of local businesses.  To register, all homeowners have to do is email ffqualityplace@yahoo.com with their name, address and phone number by midnight December 14th.  Not computer savvy?  Feel free and contact Tim Goff at 939-2440 and provide that same info and you'll be entered to win.  

“This is a great chance for the young, and the young at heart, to enjoy a tradition that many members of the Council fondly recall – driving through neighborhoods and oohing and aahing at the dazzling lights glistening on a blanket of fresh fallen snow,” added Christensen.  “It is our hope that by encouraging our residents to create some beautiful displays, we can create new traditions for everyone to enjoy.”

For more information on the program, or to get involved, please contact Phil Christensen at 227-1644 or email ffqualityplace@yahoo.com

Fort Fairfield High School Alumni Association (FFHSAA) was organized in the early 70's. It's purpose is to raise money so that yearly scholarships can be awarded to eligible graduating seniors from Fort Fairfield Middle/High School.

The FFHSAA is comprised of all persons who have attended Fort Fairfield Middle/High School.

A member in good standing must pay the annual dues.

Dues for the year 2015 are $5.00

The FFHSAA meets several times a year at the high school library. Providing there is enough interest, the FFHSAA has an annual meeting with a banquet in July in the Fort Fairfield High School cafeteria.

For more information, please write to:

Fort Fairfield High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 201
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742-0201

The FFHSAA does not provide class lists and names of alumni members at this location. If you would like to register as an alumnus with your graduating class, you may go to a directory maintained off site at: http://www.asd.com/cgi-bin/asd/SchoolAlumniDirectoryPage?asd_number=150618

This registration is done at your own risk.


The Fort Fairfield Utilities District was organized pursuant to the Private and Special Laws of the State of Maine in 1947, as subsequently amended. The District is quasi-municipal and provides sewer and water services to residential and commercial customers located within the urban area of Fort Fairfield, Maine. A Board of Trustees is appointed by the Fort Fairfield Town Council for staggered three-year terms to manage the District.


The District obtains its water supply from two sources, one is surface water from Pattee Brook and the second is ground water from a gravel-packed well on site at the treatment facility. The District maintains a filtration plant for treating the surface water, a pump station, and a maintenance facility along with transportation and excavation equipment. The water from both sources is chlorinated for disinfection and fluoride is added to help prevent tooth decay.

The filter plant is a conventional sand filtration along with coagulation and sedimentation. The distribution system consists of approximately 14 miles of pipe serving approximately 850 accounts, two of which are industrial accounts. The plant can produce two million gallons of potable water per day. At present we are treating an average of seven hundred-thousand gallons per day.


The wastewater treatment plant is a secondary system that is a biological process which consists of five rotating biological contactors (RBCs), with two secondary clarifiers and two chlorine contact tanks. In 1994 there was an upgrade to the plant with the addition of a two million seven hundred-thousand gallon anaerobic reactor with a re-aeration tank used to treat the potato processing waste from Atlantic Custom Processors, LLC.

The plant is licensed for the following:

Flows - .60 MGD (600,000 gallons/day)

BOD - Monthly average of 750 lbs./day June to September

TSS - Monthly average of 750 lbs./day

BOD - Monthly average of 1383 lbs./day September to June

TSS - Monthly average of 1383 lbs./day

The plant currently treats an average of 400,000 gallons per day serving approximately 800 sewer accounts, two of which are industrial accounts.

Fort Fairfield Utilities District 2017 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Contact Information:
Jonathan G. Helstrom 
General Manager
Fort Fairfield Utilities District
P.O. Box 267/ 100 High Street
Fort Fairfield ME 04742
Phone: 207-472-1391
Fax: 207-472-2879


Fort Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department

Director: Kevin Senal
Telephone:  472-3882
Pool Telephone:  472-3883

The Parks and Recreation Department employs one full-time director and several seasonal/part-time people. Many volunteer coaches and program supervisors give their time to assist the department in providing the variety of programs available.

The Town of Fort Fairfield provides financial support from taxes to help maintain programming. Additional funding is provided from grants, registration fees, users fees and private sponsorship.

Click here for Current Recreation Happenings

2018 Potato Blossom Swim Meet Results

Summer Registration Form 

Community Center Rules

Fort Fairfield Municipal Pool Rules

Rules of Common Courtesy

The Recreation Department maintains all municipal lawns and green spaces, municipal swimming pool, outdoor tennis/basketball courts, multipurpose ball field, Ken Reynolds Memorial Park, and the Recreation Center at the Fort Fairfield Armory.

* - Requires Adobe Acrobat 


DarrenDarren Hanson – Director

28 Cheney Grove Road
Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742-0350
Work - (207) 472-3804
Fax - (207) 472-3810



Mission of Public Works | Annual Report To Citizens (pdf)  | Employees | Buildings/Ground
Equipment | Body Shop | Permits/Forms | Pavement | Construction | Snow Removal


The mission of the Fort Fairfield Public Works Department is to provide residents and visitors with ongoing and seasonal operations and maintenance programs working in conjunction with other Town departments as well as numerous organizations with the State of Maine.

Within our double township, our Public Works Department oversees all public infrastructure in our urban and rural areas. This includes all storm water drainage systems, streets, roadways, culvert installations, sidewalks, bridges, dams, street lighting, street and road signage, snow removal, pavement, chip sealing and crack sealing and maintenance of lawns on all Town owned property.

In summer, we provide maintainence to more than 66 miles of rural roads, 11 miles of urban streets, and 5 miles of sidewalks. The Department also maintains several municipal parking lots, three watershed dams, and a dike system designed to provide flood protection to the downtown business district. In winter, we conduct snow removal operations on more than 100 lane-miles of roads, and provide support and manpower to plow an additional 16 miles of State roadways.  The Department also oversees and implements snow removal for the local School District.

Public Works is also responsibility for the general maintenance of all municipal-owned equipment including vehicles used by the Town's Police, Fire and Recreation Departments.

Public Works Employees:

Director Darren Hanson 3 Year
Foreman / Equipment Operator Mike Cyr 29 Year
Equipment Operator Steve Turner 27 Years
Equipment Operator Fred Everitt 1 Year
Body Shop Charles Dean 13 Years
Buildings & Grounds Chris Gamblin 12 Years
Mechanic Phil Rochford 10 Years
Equipment Operator Nick McIntyre 1 Year
Equipment Operator Nick Ellis 3 Years
Equipment Operator Mitch Dufour 2 Year
Equipment Operator Jared Theriault 1st Year



We have one full-time employee who completes all light building maintenance and general cleaning for all Town-owned facilities year round. This includes general maintenance and janatorial duties in the Town Office, Police Department, Library, Armory, Recreation Department, Farm Park bathroom facilities and Public Works Department. This employee is assisted in the summer by a part-time employee who assists with the lawn care for Main Street, Block House, Library, Town Office, Fire Department, Recreation Department, Puddle Dock Facility, two cemeteries, the Boat Landing area, the Monson Pond Camping area, Farm Park, and several acres of green space within our town.

RiversidePark   PicnicFacility  

Public Works Equipment:BlowerWeb

The Public Works Department maintains and operates more than fifty different pieces of equipment. Our fleet includes three pick-ups, two one-ton dumps, eight dump trucks, one trailer dump, two pay loaders, two road graders, two bulldozers, a street sweeper, a rubber-tired backhoe, a gravel screen plant and five different trailers ranging from a 25 ton low bed to an eight by eight utility trailer.

Our in-house staff completes all repairs, service and conducts State of Maine Inspections for all municipal (Police, Fire, Recreation and Public Works) vehicles.

The Public Works Department also services and maintains two 12,000-gallon fuel tanks and provides a 24-hour fueling system for the Police Department, Fire Department, Recreation Department, Water/Sewer Department, the SAD # 20 school system, and the Fort Fairfield Housing Authority.

Body Shop:Skidder

The Town of Fort Fairfield Public Works Department operates an O.S.H.A. approved body shop for heavy equipment. This shop is seventy-five feet long by twenty-five feet wide and has sixteen-foot ceilings. Our qualified body person allows us to complete all aspects of this operation under one roof. We now offer this service to other area public works departmetns and are expanding this to also include other municipal departments.                                                             loader




snow removal

Snow Removal:


* - Requires Adobe Acrobat 
Don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader? Click here.


Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety: Shawn Newell

18 Community Center Drive
FORT FAIRFIELD, ME 04742-0350   


(207) 473-7831 OR 911

(207) 472-3808

Patrol Officers:
Patrolman Dale Keegan
Officer Ed Dubie
Officer Ryan Eagles

Reserve Officers:
Officer David Lown
Officer Cody Fenderson
Office Scott Delong


Application for Employment

Special Needs Registry:
Autism Registry Form
At-Risk Wanderer/Alzheimers Registry Form

  Fort Fairfield Peace of Mind Program

PaCT Program

          ---Aroostook Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

Related Police Department Links:
List of Titles, Maine Revised Law and Statutes - http://janus.state.me.us/legis/statutes/
Wildlife & Fisheries - http://www.maine.gov/ifw
Officer Down Memorial - http://www.odmp.org/
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration - http://nhtsa.gov/
Paytixx.com - http://paytixx.com/
National Amber Alert - http://www.amberalert.gov/
Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department - http://aroostook.me.us
Maine Sex Offender Registry - http://sor.informe.org/sor/
Maine State Police - http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/
Maine Criminal Justice Academy - http://www.maine.gov/dps/mcja/


Fort Fairfield Police Department
Community/ Neighborhood Concern Form

Our Mission:
We, the members of the Fort Fairfield Police Department, in partnership with our community, pledge to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Fort Fairfield by ensuring; the protection of life and property, the preservation of peace, the protection of individual rights, and the reduction of crime. We will accomplish this mission by providing the highest degree of ethical and professional police services while maintaining the trust, understanding, and confidence of the citizens of Fort Fairfield.
Our Values:
Our mission will be accomplished while remaining dedicated to the following principles:
We will honor the individual worth and contributions of each member of our organization and community.
We will not compromise our moral and ethical principles.
We will accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.
We will be forthright and truthful.
We will treat everyone in an equitable and dignified manner.
We will be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and to the diversity of our community. 

Fort Fairfield Police Department
Community/ Neighborhood Concern Form


The more information you can give us, the greater our opportunity to successfully address your concerns.  Please provide sufficient information to describe the situation, including a specific address or location, specific times when the problem is occurring or more likely to occur, how long the situation has been occurring, person(s) involved, if known, and, if the Police Department has been previously notified about the situation and the employee who was notified, if known.
If the problem you report is the responsibility of another City department, the information you provide will be forwarded to them. 

Your name and e-mail address are required to submit this form but will not be released.  They requested for the express and sole purpose of enabling us to communicate any action we take regarding your request for services and to enable us to contact you in the event that more information is required for us to effectively respond to your situation.

* Denotes Required Fields

Contact Fort Fairfield Police Department

Invalid Input

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E-mail Address:(*)
Invalid Input

Type of Concern:(*)

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Location of Concern
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Day & Time of This Occurrance:
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Other Info:
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Fort Fairfield Police Department
Commendations & Complaints

How to Commend Police Employees:

Everyone appreciates recognition when they do a good job. Fort Fairfield Police officers and police employees are no different. Each year, the Police Department receives many thank you letters, notes, or cards from members of the community. However, there are probably many more commendable acts or deeds that go unnoticed.

When you receive service from our Department that you feel is worthy of recognition, we would like to hear from you. You may write or call the Fort Fairfield Police Department:

Fort Fairfield Police Department
Office of the Chief of Police
18 Community Center Dr.
Fort Fairfield , ME 04742
Phone: (207) 472-3808

You can also E-mail the Chief of Police Shawn Newell: snewell@fortfairfield.org

Please include all the information you can remember such as the employee's name, date, time, and a brief explanation of the event. The employee will be notified of your acknowledgment and/or gratitude and it will be recorded in his/her personnel file. In addition, notes, cards, or letters may also be mailed directly.

How to Make a Complaint:

If you wish to make a complaint about the actions of an employee or about any aspect of our law enforcement operation, please:

Come to the department and tell any employee that you want to make a complaint; or call the department or the town manager’s office and tell the person answering the phone that you want to make a complaint; or write your complaint and mail it to the Chief of Police.

A supervisory employee will assist you in filling out the Administrative Complaint form. This form asks you to identify yourself and then to give specific details about your complaint.

Your complaint will then be investigated. You may be contacted and asked additional questions about your complaint.

If the investigation of your complaint is going to take a long time, you will receive a letter telling you approximately when you may expect a reply.

When your complaint has been investigated, the Chief of Police will review the investigation and will write you a letter explaining what has been found out about the matter.


Fort Fairfield Public Library

Library hours:
Tuesday- Friday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Contact Information:
Fort Fairfield Public Library
339 Main Street
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742
Phone: (207) 472-3880
Librarian: Jennifer Gaenzle


E-Book  & AudioBook Downloads

The Fort Fairfield Public Library now offers books through MaineInfoNet.org

Use your Library Card to download books directly to your computer at: http://download.maineinfonet.org (Difficulty with Login Click Here)

The Maine InfoNet Download Library has migrated to a brand new e-book and e-Audiobook platform called cloudLibrary. This replaces the Overdrive platform previously used.  Find out more here.

To get started using the new system, download the cloudLibrary app here!

Historical and Genealogical books located in the Drew Room

The Library houses an extensive collection of Historical and Civil War books, as well as a large selection of Genealogical books related to Northern Maine and New Brunswick. These books can be found in our online catalog here - http://bit.ly/drewroom

Digital Archives

Fort Fairfield Newspapers from 1863 to 2012

The Library is proud to offer a fully searchable archive of the newspapers and other local historical documents of Fort Fairfield to you digitally. 

Completely searchable by word, phrase, name or date and are full image scans of  the actual newspapers.

The newspapers are located at - http://fortfairfield.advantage-preservation.com/ (this search feature works best with Windows Explorer or Firefox)

Children's Story Time

Come join us for Story Time at 10:30 am on alternating Thursdays for Ages 0-5. Children will read a book and do a small craft with our Children's Library aide. Contact the library for the next scheduled date.

About the Library

The Fort Fairfield Public Library is located at 339 Main Street and was built in 1913 by R.J. Noyes of Augusta, Maine.

Our Library is a Carnegie Library. We have a collection of approximately 18,000 books, audio books, VHS & DVD movies, as well as, 20 periodicals and 4 newspapers. We have an annual circulation of around 11,000 items.

We have eight internet accessible computers available or bring your own laptop or mobile device and connect to the internet using our free wi-fi.

If you want a quiet place to work or read, our library provides excellent facilities. A community room with a large conference area and a kitchenette is also available for local groups and organizations. Please call or email for reservations.

overRiversideShootSouthLRThe Town of Fort Fairfield values an iscoverthumbengaged citizenry to facilitate an environment of economic sustainability.  Quality of Life is a primary motivator for economic development. Fort Fairfield has taken a number of initiatives to enhance the level of services being provided for the benefit of our citizens. The community, through an investment strategy process, establish the Quality of Place Council to assure the citizenry remained engaged with the development of the community.

Since their creation, the Quality of Place Council has work on the following initiatives:

To enhance the prospect of families moving to Fort Fairfield, an incentive program called the Family HOMEBuyer Program has been established.

  To improve post-secondary education opportunties of our youth, Fort Fairfield has partnered with NEXT Gen to establish Fort Kids First Education Savings Plan . For the enhancement of our community: 
•The development of the Riverside Park and the Pavilion along the scenic Aroostook River
•The Community Bandstand and several community parks located along our historic Main Street.
•The development of The Meadows, a new 25 unit senior citizens housing complex
•The development of a new health clinic to provide an enhanced level of services to our citizens, in particular, to our seniors with the goal of allowing folks to age in place.

We continue to focus on investment in our natural resources and encourage a quality work force. Great examples of our willingness to partner with the private sector are the purchase and upgrade of the rail line in Fort Fairfield to a Class II status along with an additional three new rail sidings; assisting with the development of a new state of the art fertilizer plant; ongoing negotiations with wind developers that would create renewable energy and increase our taxable valuation significantly; the development of Pineland Farms, a very successful feedlot for cattle, to name a few. We are progressive and proactive in our management style, with a focus on collaboration and consensus building recognizing that relationships and projects need to be mutually beneficial to ensure long-term success.

With advice from the Quality of Place Council, The Fort Fairfield Community and Economic Development Department actively works on projects to support and develop the infrastructure of the Town of Fort Fairfield. Originally created in the mid-1970's, the department has brought tens of millions of dollars in investment to the community on a diverse range of projects. Projects undertaken in the past few years alone have involved upgrades and repairs to public infrastructure (roads, bridges, buildings, etc.), GIS Mapping, and activities to foster economic development and job creation in Fort Fairfield.

The department also manages and administers grants, loans, and other funding available through various federal and state programs, including Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), USDA, and HUD. Through these, and a variety of other programs, the CED Department can assist with planning, packaging, and procuring funding for a variety of projects. Please contact us today for more information about programs for businesses and residents. 

Jim Risner, Town Manager (207) 472-3800

Tony Levesque, Community Development Director (207) 472-3805

2015 Community Development Annual Report

Some of our Recent Development Projects


Cavendish Agri Services' state for the art $5.4 million fertilizer plant on US Rt 1A. 




Ribbon Cutting at Riverside Pavilion and Park




Kimball Community Health Center.




The Meadows, a 25 unit Senior Citizens housing project adjacent to the Kimball Community Health Center. 

Fort Fairfield Fire Rescue 

Fort Fairfield Maine Fire Department18 Community Center Drive
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742
Business: (207) 472-3809
Emergency: 9-1-1

The Town of Fort Fairfield spans 78.4 square miles with a population of approximately 3,500 People. The Fort Fairfield Fire Department consists of 1 Part-Time Chief and 15 Call Firefighters. 

The Fort Fairfield Fire Department provides our townspeople with Fire Suppression, Rescue, 1st Responder Emergency Medical Care, Hazardous Material Spill Response, Fire Inspections, & Fire Life Safety Education. We respond to approximately 350 emergency requests a year and numerous non-emergency requests for service. 

Our Firefighters respond primarily from our Fire Station on Community Center Drive and contracts/partners with Crown Ambulance for Paramedic level Ambulance Services.

The Fort Fairfield Fire Department provides automatic mutual aid to the Limestone, Loring Commerce Centre and Caswell for any reported building fire and any call in which additional resources may be needed. We also provide mutual aid upon request to any neighboring community that needs us.


History of the Fort Fairfield Fire Department:

  • Fort Fairfield Fire Dept was organized in 1920.
  • In 1950 FFFD was established full time.
  • In 1983 FFFD began an Ambulance Service which ended in 1988.
  • In 2006 FFFD was contracted by the Loring Development Authority for Fire Protection at the Loring Commerce Center. 
  • In 2009 FFFD joined forces to share equipment and resources with Limestone FD. This created what is known as Aroostook Fire Protection District 1.
  • Currently servicing Fort Fairfield exclusively offering and accepting mutual aid to surrounding communities.

Fort Fairfield Fire Department Members:


Director of Public Saftey: Chief Shawn Newell 
Chief: Vince Baldwin
Deputy Chief: Timothy Browning 
Captain: Dale McCarty
Lieutenant:  Mitch Dufour
Safety Officer:  Darryl Doughty

Fort Fairfield Fire Department - Apparatus

Engine 2:  2004 Sterling Metalfab Pumper, 1250 GPM Pump, 1250 Gallon Water Tank, CAFS

Engine 3: 2004 Sterling Metalfab Pumper, 1250 GPM Pump, 1250 Gallon Water Tank, CAFS & Jaws of life.

Ladder 5: 1992 Pierce Arrow 100' aerial  ladder.  Responds to Structure and Chimney Fires.

Tanker 1: 1997 Western Star Tanker, 5,000 Gallon Water Tank

Rescue 4: 1995 Chevy Wheeled Coach Rescue Truck. Used for Medical calls, technical rescue & fire ground support.

Unit 6: 2013 Ford F150.  Utility Vehicle.  Brush Fires. 


Fort Fairfield Fire Department - Emergency Medical Services

The Fort Fairfield Fire Department provides 1st responder level service upon request to the Town of Fort Fairfield. Currently Crown Ambulance provides transport Ambulance Service to the Town. Rescue 4 and crew respond to assist Crown on serious medical calls and also if there is no Crown Ambulance in town to respond. Currently at this time we have 7 licensed EMS providers. There are 1 First Responders, 4 EMT-Basics, 1 EMT-Intermediate and 1 EMT-Paramedic.


Fort Fairfield Fire Department - Training

The Fort Fairfield Fire Department trains on Tuesday nights. Training consists of: pumps, fire suppression, medical emergencies, vehicle extrication, ladders, water rescue, and many other topics. Some of our members participate in classes outside of the fire department such as the Maine State Fire Academy, Fire Attack Schools, County Classes, State classes, EMS classes, and the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, Maryland.


Fort Fairfield Fire/Rescue Dept - Public Education 

The Fort Fairfield Fire Department provides public education to the community for groups of all ages. We can provide presentations, tours, and safety demos geared towards your audience. We travel to a number of classrooms each year and presents fire and life safety education to students of all ages. We also participate in community events. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you out.

Email Fire Prevention Chief Vince Baldwin: vbaldwin@fortfairfield.org

Fort Fairfield Fire Department
18 Community Center Drive
Fort Fairfield ME, 04742
Station Phone: 207-472-3809


Fort Fairfield Fire/Rescue - Recruitment


If you are interested in becoming a Paid/On Call firefighter for the Fort Fairfield Fire Department, you may pick up an application at the Station located at 18 Community Center Drive.

The requirements for becoming a Fort Fairfield Firefighter are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Completed application
  • Background check
  • Valid Maine drivers license

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: 207-472-3809 

Junior Firefighters

Junior Firefighter program is geared towards finding out what the fire service is all about. Junior Firefighters will learn a wide variety of task. Junior Firefighters are limited to what they can do. Junior Firefighters are prohibited to unsafe environments.

Requirements are for becoming a Fort Fairfield Junior Firefighter:

  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 18 years old.
  • Must be enrolled in school or have a diploma/GED.
  • Must maintain a “C” average to be an active member.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: 207-472-3809


Contact Fort Fairfield Fire Department

Fort Fairfield Fire Department
18 Community Center Drive
Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 207-472-3809 
Fax: 207-472-3810
Email: vbaldwin@fortfairfield.org

Fort Fairfield Fire Department - Related Links                                           

Town of Fort Fairfield: www.fortfairfield.org
Presque Isle Fire Dept: www.pifd.org
Caribou Fire & Ambulance: www.cariboufire.net
Aroostook EMA: www.aroostook.me.us/ema.html
Aroostook EMS: http://reg5ems.webs.com/
Maine Forest Service: www.maine.gov/doc/mfs/
Maine EMS: www.state.me.us/dps/ems/
Maine Fire Marshall Office: www.maine.gov/dps/fmo/index/htm
Maine Fire Training& Education: www.mfte.org
Maine Fire Chiefs Association: www.mainefirechiefs.com/
Maine EMA: www.state.me.us/mema/
Maine 911 Emergency Service Communication Bureau: www.maine911.com./index.shtml
State of Maine Federation of Firefighters: www.msfff.org/
National Fire Academy: www.usfa.dhs.gov/
Northern Maine Community College: www.nmcc.edu
Firehouse Magazine: www.firehouse.com
Firefighter Close Calls www.firefighterclosecalls.com

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