The information here pertains to camping in Maine but some of it applies to camping elsewhere.

What the Patrol brings:

Tents with poles, stakes, and lines
Rope - the more the better
Saw, axe, and shovel
Cooking Kit - Pots, pans, spatulas, and those sort of things
Cleanup Kit - Toliet paper, soap, etc.
First Aid Kit - The patrol kit
Another stuff you might need - Grill, patrol flag

Things the Scout himself needs:
The Holy Pocketknife - Leaving home without this baby isn't smart
Boy Scout Handbook - Can't do advancement without it
First aid Kit - Your personal kit
Canteen - Never hurts having one around
Flashnight - Working to the Kybo in the dark isn't fun
Matches/Lighters - A basic, you can start fires without them but why go though the hassle
Map and Compass - Second only to the pocketknife
Bugspray - The more the better
Bug Netting - Keeps nasties at bay while you snooze
Pack - Something waterproof that will contain all your stuff
Sleeping bag - Different weather (ex. Winter) may require different sleeping bags
Foam sleeping pad or Air mattress - Older scouts begin to know the value of these things
Eating Kit - The basic spoon, fork, plate, bowl, cup in one
Cleanup Kit - Soap, toothbrush, towel, etc.
Notebook with pen - Never hurts
Sunglasses - Can't do much if you can't see
Binoculars - Not a must but are fun to play with
Bible or equivalent - A scout is reverent after all


TIP: The rule of thumb of clothing that I follow is as follows: One set of clothing for each day plus one extra set. Two extra sets if camping longer than one week. Always bring enough socks! Wet feet are a bad things, ex. trench foot.

Warm-Weather Clothing:
Short-sleeve shirt
Long Pants
Underwear and Socks
Good Boots or shoes
Rain Gear
Scout Uniform - At least a class C uniform
Cold-Weather Clothing:
TIP: Remember for winter camping, to wear clothes in a layer fashion. If new to such camping I suggest you read up on it.

Long -Sleeve shirt
Wool Shirt
Long Pants
Sweater - You know, that thing Grandma gave you for your birthday
Long Underwear
Regular Underwear
Mittens or Gloves
Insulated Boots